Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Earl J. Arnold's Items of Interest -- page xvii

Items of Interest
Earl J. Arnold

updated 8 December 2018

Earl J. Arnold lists what he considers the highlights of the Advertising scrapbook assembled by his mother and reproduced here online.
Earl J. Arnold lists items he thought especially remarkable in the Collection:
B. Shoninger Organ Co. [page 116]
Hood's Sarsaprilla [page 86]
Garland Stoves & Ranges [page 86]
Soapine [page 146]
Castoria [page 76]
White Sewing Machines [page 62]
Household Sewing Machines, 1882 [page 66]
Clark's O.N.T. Spool Cotton [page 40] and [page 72]
Bixby's Royal Polish [page 42]
German Corn Remover [page 106]
Hammocks and Spreaders, 1881 [page 117]
Potters Spool Silk [page 138] and [page 139]
Horsford's Acid Phosphate [page 129]
Mason & Hamlin Organs [page 82]
Rising Sun Stove Polish [page 74] and [page 87]
Carter's Little Liver Pills [page 107] and [page 128]
Celluloid Collars and Cuffs [page 30]

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