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updated 05/24/2018

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It has given me great pleasure to tour the many communities featured in the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection 1885 via Google Street View. Not only has this been both economical and environmentally responsible, it has given me an opportunity to survey the landscape at my leisure rather than zooming through town at the posted speed limit (or more).

If you can't travel everywhere you'd like, Google Street View offers armchair excursions to some unusual places right under your nose. Take a moment to look around some of the places you think you know. Move that mouse and change your perspective. If you're already there with your phone, Google sometimes offers you a choice of earlier views of the location of your choice. Find out what that building looked like before renovation. Appreciate the architecture that surrounds you. Street View is more than just a navigation tool. Photographer's Street View is a beginner's sampling of the artistic potential of this Google platform.

Google Street View permits the observer to capture variations in year and season as well as perspective. While looking for the location of Winch Brothers Boots, Shoes and Rubbers (page 28 of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection), I couldn't resist these three variations on Boston's Matthews Street:

Google Street View, May 2014
(To my eye, shapes predominate here)
Google Street View, June 2011
(The 19th or early 20th century building at center surrounded by 21st century landscape)

Google Street View, June 2011
(Colors reflected in foreground street lamp)
This seems to be a theme. Street lamps are in my derivatives if I can get them.

Using Google Picassa, I have looked with a photographer's eye at Google Street View tours and have posted some of my favorites throughout the Arnold Collection. I hope you, too, will look closely when you get the chance. A showcase for Google tools, here are some of what I consider the most artistic results so far and their pages in the Collection:

Four Faces
page 31

Softened Angles
page 38
facing the location of the Domestic Office, Hartford CT

Nook in Time
page 53
(former home of Boston Branch Shoe Store)

Shadows on Summer Street
page 50
(most likely location of the Double Thread Sewing Company offices, Boston MA)
Pretty Pucky
page 58
Hour of the Phoenix
page 21

Flavour of Crown Street
page 28
New Haven, Google Street View

rear view mirror
page 59
(reflected: former HQ of Wells, Richardson & Co. of Burlington, Vt.)

A Bristol Sky
page 88
(Bristol RI)
Moody Mills

Paisley Reflected
page 3
(Scotland, former world HQ of J&P Coats)


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