Monday, December 31, 2018

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Additions to the Earl J. Arnold Collection blog are made as individual posts are revised. Other additions appear in various specialized Google+ Collections. As a whole, the Arnold Collection and its associated posts exhibit about 2000 (and growing) Victorian trade cards together with their individual histories. Happy exploration!

Title reads: Advertising Picture Cards, Prepared by Mrs. Robert Earl Arnold 1885 for Walter, Grace, Ray and Earl

The original scrapbook from which the Arnold Collections online evolved is available for supervised public view in the Special Collections, Mann Library, Cornell University, Ithaca NY. Here is the catalog record for the scrapbook [ ]:

Advertising picture cards
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Collection divisions:

About the Collection curator (Jeff Diver):

The Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection 1885 delights in sharing beauty, history, general knowledge and enthusiasm for life with you!
All these parts of the Arnold Collections contain some research on the 19th century companies that distributed the cards, from sewing machine manufacturers to jewelers.Sometimes my research on these companies yields some interesting information on their original locations. You can view some of the creations related to this research on [ ]